Making Technology Accessible


The Green Llama is a dynamic collaboration between eSTEAM educational designers, artists, local non-profits and the residents of our under-served communities. Together sharing their collective knowledge and advocacy of food justice as they curate an eco-system of ultra-local sustainable agriculture and urban farming.

The Green Llama is a comprehensive library of educational STEAM instructional materials which include; coloring and workbooks, video series, learning activities, guides, stories, interactive adventures, and all other technology driven capabilities at the fingertips of teachers and instructors, per their student’s learning need. Now they have the ability to incorporate books, videos and other activities directly into their weekly lesson plans. With a story that instantly capturing the student’s attention, weaving in math, reading, science components while immersing them within this continuously engaging universe.

This strategic blend of urban agricultural information, math, reading, art and individual expression all play an intricate role in a student’s development. By entering into the world of the Green Llama teachers now have the confidence and a starting point to begin and maintain their school’s food justice & food science program. Join the Green Llama, and seek out ways to make life on earth better, one community at a time.